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Life Teams

On Wednesday nights the adults of LifeTrack meet in Life teams in Pittsburg, Frontenac, Liberal, Arma all in hosting homes. A life team is where adults grow together, laugh together, and do life together. If interested please fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page.


Men's Group

 Men have a unique ability to encourage one another in life and in Godly pursuit. Here at LifeTrack, we want to take hold of that ability and provide opportunities for you to invest in men around you and for you to be invested in.  The men currently meet every third Saturday at 8:00 AM for a men-sized breakfast. If interested please fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page.


Women's Group

GALS: Girls About Loving & Serving God
GALS is a community of women whose main purpose is to cultivate friendships within the church.
Three main activités during the year are the Overnight Women's Conference, World Market, and Christmas Gift Exchange.  

Monthly fun is hosted by different volunteers making the time and place new and refreshing at each meeting.  We could go out to eat, watch a movie or have snacks and play games in a home.

If interested in please fill out the contact form a the bottom of the page.

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